Keep an overview over your supplies

With the prepper app you can organize supplies in your home with the barcode scanner and entry of an expiry date. Equally you can add several storage locations and therefore organize your food. You will always have the overview and avoid expired groceries.

Pantry Chief is a web app and runs on most of your devices

Mockup of Speisekammer WebApp


Expiring food

Does your food expire from time to time and you have to throw it away? This app reminds you of expiring items!


You do not really remember, what is down below in the deep freezer? With this App you will keep the overview! You can create and manage as many locations as you want.

Emergency situations

You think that at least some preparations for a possible future crisis are necessary? If you want to prepare you and your family for any emergency, this app will be a helpful tool for you.

Save money

The less food you throw away, the more money you can save. A common german household spends 330€ for food - each month. From that, 66€ worth of food are thrown away! By better planning, storage you can save that money!

Barcode Scanner

For fast adding, editing and removing of items there is a barcode scanner! The number of supported food products is growing each day.

Nutrition Info

The energy need of your family is calculated and compared to the available nutritients in your supplies. This way you gain insight and tipps for better preparations.

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